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Explanation about the costs for an appraisal

Appraisal costs

What you have to pay for a valuation isn't a fixed rate. The prices vary between appraisal agency and broker and are now and then negotiable. To give you an impression of the costs of a valuation, you'll find guidelines used by a lot of appraisers/brokers below. The prices you'll find below are excluded VAT.

These rates are way above the rates that are used by different certified rating agencies. You can find the cheapest appraiser through our appraiser-rate comparator.

Additional costs valuation

Our appraiser-rate comparator is based on the total appraiser costs, so included additional costs and VAT.

What are disbursements?
For the appraisal of a building, appraiser-models and the local knowledge of a broker aren't always enough. There're factors which affect the value of the building which people can't see. It's important that the appraiser is aware of these circumstances because they can have a positive, or negative, effect on the value of the building.

The appraiser has the duty to investigate these factors. Examples of factors can be:

This information is usually requested at the local authority. The local authority will charge this through. These charges are called 'disbursements'. Every town can determine its own rates. It might be possible that town A is more expensive than town B, while town C doesn't charge anything at all. As far as we know, the maximum rate for disbursements is € 70,-. In almost all cases, the appraiser will do an investigation at the ownership papers as well. This seems superfluously, but unfortunately it appears it's necessary to check whether the seller is the actual owner and is entitled to sell the building. The disbursements cover this as well.

NHG and/or NWWI validation
The Dutch Building Value Institute, known in short as NWWI, is an independent, national appraiser institute, that also applies as quality mark for appraisers. The NWWI is only open to appraisers who meet the strict quality-demands. All affiliated appraisers work according to the same, verifiable, appraiser-method. As a quality mark the NWWI guarantees objective and reliable building appraisers.

If you are eligible for an NHG, then a validation is necessary as well. The appraiser is free to do this validation through the NWWI or through another valuation institute.

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