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NHG-appraisal / NHG-valuation report

When you want to take advantage of NHG, you can click on the overview on the NHG tab at the search results. You will receive an overview of the appraisal rates that the appraisers use for an NHG appraisal.

For an NHG appraisal the appraiser will calculate a raise on top of the regular rate. This is because the NHG will exclusively except the appraisal when this is released with the intervention of a recognized institute (for example the NWWI). The costs made by a recognized institute (for example the NWWI) will be charged with the appraiser.

Besides a lot of appraisers will charge an extra amount because of the extra time an NGH takes. The total extra amount for an NGH appraisal will be shown by us in the rate overview. You will see immediately which appraiser can offer you the cheapest NHG appraisal.


The National Mortgage Guarantee (NHG) is the name of the guarantee you can get if you contract a loan for buying or (re)building a property. When you start a mortgage you and your lender make agreements about the payment of your mortgage.

To sharpen the quality demands of appraisers and appraisals the NHG has decided to modify the regulatory per January the first, 2010. Since that date the NGH will only accept the appraisal when this is released with the intervention of a recognized institute (like the NWWI).

The NGH will only accept an appraisal made up by certified appraisers. The appraisers have to be registered at Vastgoedcert or SCVM. On top of that the appraisal cannot be older than six months. The appraisers are only allowed to work in a particular area. The place of residence of the appraiser has to be within a certain distance (or for example the same town) of the valuation-object to ensure the highest level of knowledge.

Every appraisal will be published in a central, secured database and is only accessible through a unique code for mortgage advisers, lenders and the NHG.

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