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Nederlands Woning Waarde Instituut (NWWI)

When your mortgage provider demands that your appraisal meets certain requirements, you can click on the overview on the NWWI tab at the search results. You will receive an overview of the appraisal rates that the appraisers use for an NWWI appraisal.

For an NWWI appraisal, the appraiser will calculate a raise on top of the regular rate. This is because the NWWI calculates € 65,45 for the NWWI mark. Besides a lot of appraisers will charge an extra amount because of the extra time an NWWI appraisal takes.We show the total raise for an NWWI appraisal in the rate overview. You will see immediately which appraiser can offer you the cheapest NWWI appraisal.

The NWWI is an independent, national appraisal-institute that counts as mark for appraisers. The NWWI is exclusively for appraisers who meet the strict quality demands. All affiliated appraisers work with the same appraisal-method.

An appraisal with the NWWI mark will be accepted by all mortgage lenders and by the foundation NHG.

The NWWI is industry widely supported. The formation is a initiative by the Ducht Cooperation of Brokers and property experts (NVM) and the Association VBO Broker (VBO).

Compare the NWWI appraiser rates.

Go to our homepage and compare all NWWI appraisal rates of the cheapest appraisers. In the form you have to fill in the estimated value of the building. At zip code you have to fill in the four numbers of the zip code area the building is situated. As a result you will see the 20 cheapest NWWI appraisers who can realize an NWWI appraisal in your town.

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