Valuation report
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Valuation report

Before you apply for financing for a new home you need to have a valuation report. A valuation report contains an appraiser’s findings during the valuation of a home. Banks and financial institutions that can provide a mortgage demand a valuation report, this will give them certainty about the value of the home.

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The content of a valuation report

A valuation includes the following aspects:

The sections of a valuation report

The aforementioned aspects can be found in the valuation report, under the following sections:

Acceptance of a valuation report

The valuation reports written by appraisers from meet the latest norms determined by the Centraal Hypethecair Fonds (CHF) in cooperation with the trade associations (NVM, VBO, and VastgoedPro). These valuation reports are always accepted by banks and other financiers.

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