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The best valuation for the lowest price, that’s what Taxatietarieven’s team stands for. For nearly fifteen years we’ve made sure that thousands of people can find a reliable appraiser for their most priced possession every week. Whether the valuation of your dream home is concerned, or a renovation, or you want to oppose the WOZ value, we’re here for you and guarantee that we have the right appraiser for you!

Personal and reliable

Your personal wishes are high on our list of priorities. We take your situation into account and are only satisfied when you are.

All appraisers registered at are reliable and their quality has been verified. After all, a valuation report must meet strict requirements these days. Our recognized appraisers are all listed in a quality register. Registration is only possible if the appraiser meets all requirements. This is how we ensure you get a reliable, objective, and clear valuation report. You can find more information about valuations here.

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