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Appraiser for valuation house

Are you looking for an appraiser to determine the value of your home? Then we’re the right people to talk to.

Looking for an appraiser?

You may need to know the value of your home for different reasons. There are different reasons as to why you might want a valuation:

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Comparing appraisers

We can help you find the cheapest appraiser in your region fast and easily. You keep control over your valuation costs, because you're the one who will choose an appraiser through us. This is why you’ll never pay too much. The appraisers on the website are certified and/or sworn in and meet the latest requirements. All of our appraisers produce an NWWI valuation report meaning you’ll always have a validated valuation report at your disposal.

Home valuation method

Our working method is as follows:

Valuation: all you need to know

An appraiser estimates the value of your home and puts this in a valuation report. Only when someone meets the requirements of the certification regulations and is registered with the NRVT, can he call himself an appraiser. The appraiser is an independent and qualified person.

The valuation consists out of two phases. The first phase is called the “house scan”, where someone writes down as much information about the house as possible. This is information about:

  • the type of the home;
  • its size, its nature, the geography of the home and its parcel;
  • it location and the view/nuisances/facilities;
  • its level of finish and structural quality;
  • aesthetic and architectural quality;
  • the limited property rights of the house/land. 

The second part of the valuation process is the valuation report.

The valuation report contains the results of the house scan. Its contents describe the condition of:

  • the house;
  • the substantiation behind the value judgment;
  • private-law aspects;
  • a description of the surroundings/object;
  • contamination;
  • public-law aspects.

The value of the home is based on these factors.

Valuations are sometimes mandatory. When financing a newly purchased home, refinancing an existing mortgage, increasing an existing mortgage while renovating, declaring inheritance tax, and filing an ordinary tax return a valuation is required.

There are also situations when a valuation isn’t mandatory, but can come in handy. When buying a home you want to know its value, when you want to sell your home, when you want more insight during a division of property, or when you want to check the WOZ value.

When financing a purchased home, refinancing an existing mortgage, or increasing an existing mortgage in the event of a renovation you need a valuation of your home.

When applying for a mortgage you’ll need an NWWI valuation. They check if your valuation report meets the strict requirements and demands. An NWWI valuation is accepted by all Dutch financiers. You can apply for a mortgage with NHG if you have an NWWI valuation. The bank will have more certainty that the mortage loan can be repaid if you somehow become unable to pay yourself. In exchange for this certainty the financier will offer a reduction in the interest rate that can be substantial.

If the value of your home must be officially documented, you’ll need a valuation. If you want to estimate the value of your home, an appraisal is enough. The latter doesn’t need to have an official substantiation by an appraiser. An appraisal of your home can be done by a broker, while a valuation must be carried out by an appraiser.

An appraiser has to meet four requirements:

  • needs to be registered at NRVT;
  • be a member of NVM/VBO/VastgoedPRO;
  • be able to produce a valuation report according to the requirements by the Centraal Hypothecair Fonds;
  • have sufficient knowledge about the area where he operates.

In the past, the price of a valuation depended on the valuated value of the home; 1.85 promille was charged as a brokerage fee. These days more and more appraisers charge a fixed rate for their services. Do take notice of what’s included in the price, because they could charge you for more things such as land registry costs, municipal fees, administration costs, validation costs, and a surcharge for the appraiser. VAT isn’t always included either, which is 21% of the total amount.

Find the cheapest valuation report in your region!

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  • A valuation planned within 1 business day;
  • Guaranteed acceptance by all money lenders.
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