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Appraisal in Texel by a registered appraiser

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All appraisers on are certified and registered at NRVT. We guarantee a lowest price for a certified appraiser! Therefore the valuation report will be accepted by all (Dutch) mortgage lenders.

When you would like to purchase or sell a house it is important to know the value of the house. When taking out a mortgage, banks and mortgage providers increasingly demand for a NWWI or NHG valuation report. Since buying a house already costs a lot of money, it is good to know where you can let carry out the cheapest NWWI appraisal or NHG appraisal.

Here, at, you can compare the rates of brokers and appraisers in your area in Texel. Then you can make sure that you always let carry out the cheapest house appraisal.

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